Sunday, January 27, 2008

More on Jeffers, as promised.

This is a stupid move. Let's say he wants the ball thrown to him more considering the Huskies ran about 60 percent of the time. That's a fair enough request on the surface, but he was the team's leading receiver in both receptions and yards. He also dropped a lot of passes. In my estimation, had he caught half of the passes he dropped, he might have approached 800 yards -- not a bad total.

So he has two years left, decides that the two quarterbacks who will likely be throwing to him, Tyler Lorenzen and Zach Fraser, aren't going to do the trick so he should leave. He wants to play at Vandy. Right.

I get it, play at another BCS school where you'll win less but get thrown to more. That also means he'll drop more passes.

He says he's underutilized. Why doesn't Jeffers have this talk with his hands. Maybe 'ol righty and lefty need to transfer instead.

This is no less than one of two things: Jeffers being selfish and/or Jeffers thinking playing elsewhere will help his NFL aspirations. I hate to be the one to break it to the kid -- he's a nice one at that -- this is selfish and he isn't going to the NFL.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Terence Jeffers plans to transfer -- to Vanderbilt. More later.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Huskies picked up a verbal committment from Casey Turner , a quarterback from Virginia. He told me tonight that the facilities, the chance to start soon and the team's success this season were major factors in his decision.

Apparently, after Dennis Brown decided to leave, the Huskies gave Turner a call and made him a scholarship offer. How high are they on him, I'm not certain because this developed pretty suddenly. Where does he fit in? I have to think Tyler Lorenzen has the starting job and Zach Fraser is the primary backup.

Turner has the option of arriving for spring semester, but the wise move would be to sit out next year. He would play in his redshirt freshman year , Lorenzen would be gone and Fraser and Cody Endres would both be juniors. Meaning he would project to two years as the starter.

If he arrives this year and doesn't redshirt, he likely won't start next year and then as a sophomore would have to beat out two other quarterbacks for the next three years.