Sunday, August 30, 2009

Depth chart

WR: 3 Brad Kanuch (Sr., 6-1, 192))
1 Dwayne Difton (Fr., 5-11, 170)
WR: 80 Michael Smith (So., 6-0, 192) OR
82 Kashif Moore (RSo., 5-9, 182)
83 Isiah Moore (RSo, 6-1, 185)
LT: 73 Dan Ryan (RSr., 6-8, 316)
63 Adam Masters (RFr., 6-4, 281)
LG: 66 Mathieu Olivier (RJr., 6-6, 286)
60 Erik Kuraczea (RFr., 6-2, 333)
C: 57 Moe Petrus (RSo., 6-2, 288)
70 Gary Bardzak (RSo., 6-3, 293)
RG: 78 Zach Hurd (RJr., 6-7, 315)
74 Alex LaMagdelaine (RSr., 6-3, 310)
RT: 79 Mike Hicks (RSr., 6-6, 323)
71 Mike Ryan (RSo., 6-5, 324)
TE: 94 Ryan Griffin (RFr., 6-5, 240)
89 John Delahunt (RFr., 6-3, 243)
QB: 10 Zach Frazer (RJr., 6-4, 225)
12 Cody Endres (RSo., 6-4, 223)
TB: 23 Jordan Todman (So., 5-9, 189)
2 Andre Dixon (RSr., 6-1, 202)
FB: 49 Anthony Sherman (Jr., 5-11, 230)
47 Anthony Davis (RJr, 5-10, 243)

DE: 91 Jesse Joseph (Fr., 6-3, 238)
48 Trevardo Williams (Fr., 6-1, 221)
DT: 99 Kendall Reyes (RSo., 6-4, 286)
54 Alex Polito (RJr., 6-6, 287)
DT: 4 Twyon Martin (RSo., 6-2, 271)
52 Brandon Dillon (RSr., 6-3, 292)
DE: 9 Lindsey Witten (Sr., 6-5, 260)
56 Mike Cox (RJr., 6-3, 242)
SLB:* 32 Scott Lutrus (RJr., 6-3, 244)
28 Jory Johnson (RFr., 6-1, 211)
MLB: 95 Greg Lloyd (Jr., 6-2, 245)
10 Greg Robinson (RJr., 6-2, 240)
WLB: 8 Lawrence Wilson (RJr., 6-1, 220)
46 Sio Moore (RFr., 6-1, 219)
CB: 42 Robert McClain (Sr., 5-9, 198)
5 Blidi Wreh-Wilson (RFr., 6-0, 180)
S: 33 Robert Vaughn (Sr., 6-0, 200)
18 Marcus Aiken (Fr., 5-11, 188)
S: 15 Jerome Junior (RFr., 6-1, 212)
19 Kijuan Dabney (Jr., 6-0, 204)
CB: 6 Jasper Howard (Jr., 5-10, 180)
24 Dwyane Gratz (RFr., 6-0, 192)
* Commonly referred to as the “Husky” linebacker

Special Teams

FG: 38 David Teggart (RSo., 6-0, 214)
13 Desi Cullen (Sr., 6-0, 211)
KO:  13 Desi Cullen (Sr., 6-0, 211)
38 David Teggart (RSo., 6-0, 214)
P: 13 Desi Cullen (Sr., 6-0, 211)
13 Chad Christen (Fr., 6-1, 191)

H: 13 Desi Cullen (Sr., 6-0, 211)
10 Zach Frazer (RJr.., 6-4, 225)
SN: 93 Derek Chard (Jr., 6-3, 235)
54 Alex Polito (RJr., 6-6, 287)
KR:  23 Jordan Todman (So., 5-9, 189)
44 Robbie Frey (RSo., 6-0, 201)
PR: 6 Jasper Howard (Jr., 5-10, 180)
42 Robert McClain (Sr., 5-9, 198)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just want to thank the folks at WNER 1410AM in New York for having me on yesterday.

Also...The Huskies will announce their depth chart Sunday afternoon as they enter preparations for next week's opener at Ohio University. Will there be any surprises? Probably not, but knowing Coach Randy Edsall, the depth chart will feature a lot of "OR"s next to people's names.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Q&A with Big East commissioner John Marinatto

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Q: Talk about the BIG EAST’s bowl selection process as a whole. How long ago did it begin?

A: Every conference is in a similar position as the BIG EAST right now; every four-year cycle usually brings about shifting in relationships between conferences and bowls. We tried to be ahead of the game, so our process started over a year ago. As a result, we’re excited to be the first BCS automatic qualifying conference to announce a bowl agreement for the next cycle.

Q: Why did the BIG EAST decide to move away from its long standing relationship with the Gator Bowl?

A: The Gator Bowl has been a great partner with the BIG EAST for 16 years, but our coaches and athletic directors were excited about the opportunity to have a new experience for our student-athletes and fans. In the end, we felt as though the Champs Sports Bowl better fit the criteria we have established for our first bowl opportunity after the BCS (2nd overall).

Q: Why is it advantageous for the BIG EAST and its members to have a partnership with the Champs Sports Bowl for its first bowl opportunity after the BCS?

A: It is our goal to put together the best possible bowl line-up we can, and when we evaluate our bowl opportunities, we look at destination, geography and opponent. The Champs Sports Bowl provides our membership with a desirable place for fans and student-athletes to go, a bowl located in a place that our fans can drive to or get to easily and a game that would be played against a BCS automatic qualifying opponent. In addition, Orlando, which has been hosting bowl games for over 60 years, is a city rich in bowl tradition. Our rosters continue to be stocked with players from Florida, and its no secret that Orlando sits in the middle of a recruiting hot bed for college football.

Q: Is it true that the BIG EAST would not accept a “hybrid” model that currently exists between the BIG EAST, Gator and Sun Bowls?

A: Yes, it is true. We feel as though were are in a much better negotiating position now than we were four years ago based on our recent performance and the stability of the conference. The hybrid structure would allow for Notre Dame to be selected twice in a four-year period in our No. 2 bowl spot. In our new agreement with the Champs Sports Bowl, Notre Dame can be selected only once during the four-year period.

Q: Why does the BIG EAST Conference choose to partner with Notre Dame when establishing its bowl deals?

A: A BIG EAST member in 24 sports, Notre Dame has been and continues to be a great partner for us in football. The relationship between Notre Dame and the BIG EAST Conference in football works because it is mutually beneficial. It allows the conference to sign better bowl agreements while at the same time, provides Notre Dame guaranteed bowl tie-ins outside of the BCS that it would not have been able to garner on its own.

Q: Is it important for the BIG EAST to have a bowl game that’s played on New Year’s Day?

A: The college football bowl landscape has changed over the last several years. There are 34 bowl games played over a two-and-a-half week span, with the highest level (BCS) games being played a week after New Year’s Day. As a result, we feel as though the day of a game has become less important. Instead, we placed more of an emphasis on destination, geography and opponent.

Q: What can we expect from the BIG EAST in terms of signing subsequent bowl deals now that the Champs Sports Bowl agreement has been announced?

A: Most conferences tend to negotiate their partnerships from the top, down. As a result, we can now focus on the rest of our lineup, which entails discussions with both current partners and new ones. We will continue to evaluate our opportunities with the same criteria we have with the Champs Sports Bowl.

Champs Sports Bowl

The Big East's No. 2 team will be heading to Orlando beginning this season to play in the Champs Sports Bowl.

"We're obviously elated to announce our new partnership with the Champ Sports Bowl," Big East commissioner John Marinatto said.

Notre Dame is still part of the mix, getting a spot in the bowl once every four years.

The conference is still ironing out its other bowl games

Huskies to tangle with Wolverines

UConn announced Tuesday that it has finalized a two-game series with Michigan. The Huskies will travel to Ann Arbor, Mich., for a Sept. 4, 2010 game and the Wolverines will play at Rentschler Field on Sept. 21, 2013.

“We are very excited about having a football series with the University of Michigan,” UConn Director of Athletics Jeffrey Hathaway said in a statement. “This football series will provide two outstanding games for both programs and their respective fans. We are happy to bring this premier intersectional matchup to our dedicated football fans who fill Rentschler Field.”

This agreement, along with a previous deal with Tennessee, might end the hyped and controversial deal UConn sought with Notre Dame. The schools will face each other this season at Notre Dame, but with plans for six more games and the three UConn home games played at neutral sites, the school seemingly decided it was in its best interest to go in a different direction. There has been no official word on the status of that deal, but none of the schedule games with the Fighting Irish were mention in the release, which listed upcoming opponents.

Coach Randy Edsall said UConn doesn’t want to play more than three non-conference Bowl Championship Series eligible teams in one year.
“It is very exciting for our football program to have a series with Michigan,” Edsall said in the release. “We want to challenge our team by playing a strong non-conference schedule in addition to the Big East slate we face every year. Michigan is a nationally-prominent program and we are happy to have them on our future schedule.”

Next year’s game with Michigan forces the rescheduling of the Northeastern-UConn game to Oct. 9, 2010. It is also the rededication game of Michigan Stadium

Notes from media day

Redshirt freshman Eric Kuraczea from Ansonia is “in better shape,” Edsall said, but needs to monitor his weight. The 6-foot-2, 333-pound guard has made strides in knowing his assignments as he continues the transition from high school to college ball.


Zach Frazer holds the top spot on the quarterback depth chart, but Edsall said that the pecking order behind the redshirt junior begins with Cody Endres then Michael Box, Johnny McEntee and Casey Turner.


Randy Edsall would like to see more linebacker depth. With Scott Lutrus, Greg Lloyd and Lawrence Wilson starting, the coach feels that backups Sio Moore, Greg Robinson and Kijuan Dabney cam get the job done if need be says that if injuries occur, there is some flexibility. Meaning, there are players who can play multiple positions.


Redshirt sophomore safety Harris Agbor will be out at least six weeks with a lateral collateral injury.


Following a 145-play scrimmage on Sunday, a few positions have sorted themselves out, most notably NFA grad Dan Ryan’s experience winning over redshirt freshman Jimmy Bennett’s potential at one offensive tackle position.
“That’s just one thing that you can’t teach right away,” Ryan said. “It is what it is; this is my fifth year here now. I have a lot of game experience, played behind a great player in (New York Giant) Will Beatty and learned a lot of things from him and (Miami Dolphin) Donald Thomas. Over the years, you pick up small things that the coaches can’t teach. You have to pick it up out there.”

Bowl announcement

The Big East has a bowl announcement this afternoon, likely making official the speculation that the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Fla. will become the destination for the league's No. 2 team.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Difton to start

UConn football coach Randy Edsall isn’t ready to divulge his depth chart, but that’s not stopping highly touted freshman wide receiver Dwayne Difton from spilling some of the beans.
Difton, the highest-rated recruit to ever commit to play for the Huskies, said Monday that he will be the team’s starting Z receiver, or flanker.

“I’m going to work really hard, real hard,” he said at the team’s media day. “Right now they got me as Z on the first team right now. I’m going to work hard, stay humble, stay determined and take it from there.”

Edsall didn’t confirm Difton’s claim, but said the team saw the depth chart Monday. All Edsall would offer is that Difton could crack the starting lineup for the Sept. 5 season opener at Ohio University.