Thursday, March 06, 2008

I just thought I'd send this interesting, although useless, item your way. The folks at have made mock drafts for the next two seasons with the NFL teams drafting where they are in next month's draft.

Worth noting for 2009:

UConn QB Tyler Lorenzen going to Buffalo in the 3rd round of next year's draft, 73rd overall.

DE Cody Brown going 123rd to Jacksonville (4th round).

CB Darius Butler (226) and DE Julius Williams (242)as compensatory draft picks.


S Robert Vaughn goes 102 overall (4th round) to Kansas City.

OT Mike Hicks heads to Seattle with the 184th pick in round 6.

Donald Brown is a compensatory pick at 236.

As for this season, the site predicts CB Tyvon Branch as a fourth-round comp pick to Atlanta, 98th overall.