Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Better late than never

My apologies...the overlap of baseball and football leaves little time for blogging. Here are a few tidbits from Tuesday.

Freshman Leon Kinnard made the two-deep as a WR, which led to Randy Edsall emphasizing that Kinnard is "an athlete."

What does that mean in terms of what he's going to contribute? Look at Kinnard as a secret weapon. They can use him as a straight QB (which is what he was recruited as), he can lineup as a WR, take direct snaps, run reverses and be used in wildcat-like plays.

Did Edsall say as much? What do you think?

“He’s somebody we believe has the ability to make plays for us,” Edsall said. “And that’s why you want to get him on the field if you can.”

Kinnard gives the Huskies some unpredictability, something that has been sorely missing. I promise you that the Huskies will unleash their newest weapon against Michigan.


There are also two other true freshmen -- both CBs -- on the two-deep.

This sis what Edsall had to say about Taylor Mack, whom a week ago he raved about, and Gilbert Stlouis:

“The couple things that I like about them,” said Edsall, “is that they are kids that are physical. They’ll get after you, they have good ability, they’ll compete and go after the ball. They’re going to come up and be physical.”

I haven't decided yet what this says. Is it that the Huskies are lacking depth, which they are, or are these kids that good. We'll get a better idea in a few days. But Gary Wilburn, who lettered last season, must feel bad since he's not on the two-deep and Chris Lopes was moved from S to CB.


In years past, the depth chart would be littered with "OR" at many positions, meaning there wasn't a clear-cut No. 1 or No. 2. The only offensive or defensive "OR" comes at running back.

Robbie Frey, who looked amazing during camp, and USC transfer D.J. Shoemate are "OR" as the backup to Jordan Todman. It's clear that the Huskies see each as situational players. Which ones remain to be seen.


Everyone is talking about the return of Greg Lloyd, Jr., who went from not playing this year to starting middle linebacker in no time.

It was Lloyd's hard work -- something questioned by Edsall in early July -- that got the senior back on the field.

He had clearance to participate in some drills and really pushed the envelope when he knew how much his left knee could handle. Keep in mind he tore his ACL and MCL last year against Syracuse.

Said Edsall: "Sometimes young people exceed the expectations that you might have for them."

That says A LOT coming from Edsall.


Other notes: Mike Box is the NO. 2 QB. We should see him play a lot in the home opener. I also don't expect him to lose the spot when Cody Endres returns from his suspension.

Edsall said the Michigan game isn't any more or less important than any other game. "It's just one of 12," he said.

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