Sunday, September 05, 2010

Notes from Edsall's teleconference

Coach Randy Edsall said that considering how bad they played Saturday, it was disappointing the Huskies didn't take advantage of the opportunities presented.

He also was upset about the 3rd-down conversion on both sides of the ball.

There were four drives of over 70 yards in which Michigan scored and that was a result of UConn not making plays.

The positives: a "bunch" of tackles for a loss; good ball movement.

On the secondary: "We have one major bust out there and it was on a lack of communication on that big pas splay. If we had communicated better, it would have been completed but not for that kind of yardage."

On the O-Line: "They weren't very good. I think we got whooped on both sides of the line of scrimmage."

Edsall said both lines need to get a "lot more physical."

Leon Kinnard "showed he was a true freshman."

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