Tuesday, September 07, 2010

News from Storrs

Not a whole lot today.

Still no word on Scott Lutrus. For what it's worth, I passed him in the parking lot and he looked OK. That doesn't mean he is or isn't.

There was one change to the depth chart. Alex Polito is replacing Ryan Wirth at defensive tackle, backing up Twyon Martin.

Randy Edsall was asked whether there was something for UConn fans to learn from their Michigan counterparts considering the Huskies have their home opener Saturday at noon vs. Texas Southern. His response was to show up early and get to your seats before the team takes the field.

He also said the Huskies learned from playing the Wolverines.

“Just the level of competition in terms of having an opener like that,” coach Randy Edsall said. “You’re getting put into a lot of situations. Our guys, we go down 21-0, they could have folded their tents. And you find out a lot about their character, attitude, perseverance -- a lot of different things.”

Citing past games with West Virginia, where the Mountaineers would score late and the Huskies “just kinda took it,” said Edsall.

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